Adventure Destination Weddings

Are you imagining something out-of-the-box and different for your destination wedding?

Are you looking to plan that perfect wedding that combines your love of travel + an epic location + your favorite activity? Just imagine everything you love doing and who you love sharing it with all in one place. 

  • Not sure where to start?
  • Want something memorable, full of adventure and brag-worthy?
  • Feeling overwhelmed at the idea of how it will all come together?
  • Need an expert to guide you through the process and make sure the details are taken care of for you and your guests?

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Why an Adventure Destination Wedding?

Do you have an adventurous spirits, looking for a less traditional path to saying "I do" than simply walking down the aisle, where you can test the limits and strength by doing something that bonded you and your significant other together in the first place?

Unlike a traditional wedding, an adventure wedding isn't about themes and colour-schemes. It's about having an unforgettable experience that celebrates who you are and the things that you love to do as a couple. It's about planning your most exciting adventure yet and saying your vows to each other in a place and a way that means something to you. 

If you're taking the big marriage leap soon, and expecting 2 guests or 200 guests, consider an adventure wedding for these three reasons.

1. Be different  

You'll win the "where'd you get married?" question every time. Oh, you got married on a farm outside of "X Big City" with a wedding party you're not even friends with anymore. Sounds neat...I got married on the top of a volcano at sunset and then had a Luau with our closest family and friends. 

2. It's still a celebration  

You don't have to give up on celebrating with your friends and family. Have a party after you get back or better yet invite your friends to come along. The ones that show up and gear up will be the important ones and the experience will bond you as friends as well.  

3. Plan together  

Wedding planning is inherently stressful, even among the most balanced and mature couples. Planning an adventure destination wedding is all about the fun and the experience -- it's by nature supposed to be about the big picture and not about the details. Most decisions would center on the essential elements -- the route, the officiant, the gear, etc. -- and not the color of napkins or themed cocktail names.  

Let's talk to see exactly what you desire for your special day!


Why work with me?


Together with you, we curate an unforgettable adventure destination wedding, in offbeat areas of the world for couples who seek experiences and not things! So if you’re a couple who has an unquenchable curiosity and an undying thirst for discovering, an adventure wedding may be the perfect fit for you! 

From glaciers to volcanoes, private waterfalls, secret caves, to hidden canyons and historical ruins we seek exceptional destination wedding locations that will satisfy your adventurous appetite! 

  • I will take your Destination Wedding preparation off your shoulders but never out of your hands.
  • That starts with a personal consultation where I get to know the two of you, your interests, your style, your story and your vison.
  • I will combine meticulous planning with impeccable attention to detail to research and find the ideal location to have the wedding and/or honeymoon of your dream!
  • Inside contacts with the vendors and properties helping you save time and money
  • Group management - whether you're eloping or inviting 250 guests, I will answer all questions, manage each reservation, and process payments. This helps you reclaim your time to focus on themore important details.
  • Your experience working with me will be enoyable, stress-free and with open communication and support so you both can relax and enjoy the most important day of your lives! 


Here is how I work...

Step 1

Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation. You will be able to choose the day and time that works best for you and your significant other.


Step 2

We meet via via conference for 45 to 60 minutes. This will be our deep dive session into your current planning pain points, adventure + wedding vision, and guest needs. *If you live local and would prefer to meet in person that is also available.


Step 3

Now we decide if we're good match for this adventure! Wedding planning and management is very intimate and will require months of coordination, so it is important we enjoy working together.


Step 4

No Worries Zone! Let the planning begin!


Let the greatest adventure you can imagine begin!

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